Imprinted Concrete Repairs Bucks

Because of its durability, Imprinted Concrete is a surface that has become increasingly popular for driveways and patios. Although it is very hard wearing, if it not sealed properly it is very vulnerable to deterioration like any other paved surface.

Driveway Cleaning Buckinghamshire have the technical expertise and 'know how' to refurbish imprinted concrete driveways and patios so the concrete surface can continue to look great for many years ahead. 

We will pressure wash the concrete first to remove any surface growths(algae, moss etc) and dirt and grime. Once it has dried fully we will treat it with Smartseal imprinted concrete sealer. If necessary we will add colour tints to the sealer to restore the original colouring to the concrete. If this process is done correctly, and repeated every 4-5 years, it will always look like it was laid very recently. Take a look at some pictures here...

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Imprinted Concrete Repairs Bucks image
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