Decking Cleaning Buckinghamshire

With many garden makeover shows on TV promoting the installation of decking in recent years, it has become an increasingly popular addition to gardens throughout the UK.

However, what the shows often fail to mention is that without regular maintenance, the decking can deteriorate fast. Algae and moss can make the wood very slippery, needing extra care when walking on in the wet.

Driveway Cleaning Buckinghamshire have found the solution to this tricky problem. Having invested in the very best rotary headed pressure cleaning equipment, we can easily remove any surface growth from the decking without damaging the wood in any way. 

See some images here..

After we have completely cleaned the decking, we can offer the additional service of applying high quality decking oils to waterproof the surface and to reduce ongoing maintenance as well as beautify the surface and enhance the wood grain.

For a FREE estimate on decking cleaning in Buckinghamshire you can request a call from us by making an enquiry here or call 0800 988 0348.

Decking Cleaning Buckinghamshire image
Decking Cleaning Buckinghamshire image
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